I want to have all my books in digital format!

2008/02/11 at 18:56 コメントをどうぞ

If you work at more than one places, such as office, home, starbuks, and even in train, how do you bring your books and papers? Actually, I work at all the places mentioned above and I always need to decide which book to bring for the day. This is always very hard problem because my bag is too small for the books I need for the day and my shoulder always easily get hurt by the weight of books and my MacBook. Sometimes I need books those are in my home while I work in the office and sometimes I need books those are in my office while I work in a Starbuks. It sucks! I want to access all of my books regardless where I am.

I really dream the day all of my books are converted into digital format and I can bring them in my MacBook. And really, I wish I can see the day before my retirement.


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